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What are cookies?

This website uses cookies to collect information. A cookie is a data file placed on your computer as you browse this website. They ‘remember’ when your computer accesses this website.

Cookies are used to identify and track users as they navigate difference web pages and to identify those who return to the website.

Cookies are either “persistent” or by “session”. A persistent cookie consists of a text file sent by the web server to a web browser, which will be stored by the browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date (unless deleted by the user before the expiry date). A session cookie will expire at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed.

The main purposes of which cookies are used are:

Cookies on this website

One persistent cookie is used on our website which remembers an account number which can be autocompleted for you when you access the site.

We use a session cookie to identify your requests during your logged in session which allow us to provide functionality relevant to your logon.

How we use cookies

Data we collect may be linked by us to information stored in and obtained from cookies. Cookies themselves do not contain any information that personally identifies you. We may use the information to:

Disabling and Deleting Cookies

We recommend that you do not disable cookies for this site as it will affect your experience whilst using the site. Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit


We use Internet standard encryption technology to encode personal data that you send to us when placing an order through the website. To check you are in a secure area of the website before sending personal data to us please look at the bottom right of your website browser and check it displays an image of a closed padlock or an unbroken key.

Whilst we take appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard your data no transmission over the internet can ever be guaranteed secure. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of any personal data that you transfer over the internet to us.

Third Party Cookies

jQuery –
We utilise functionality provided by the third party jQuery library. Please visit:

Google Maps API -
We utilise map functionality provided by the third party Google Maps API. Please visit: Google Maps for their terms and conditions.
Google also provides additional information on its cookie usage as per of its privacy and terms documentation.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. If you have any queries regarding the use of Cookies on ProfitLink please email:
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