Recommended Browsers

Why do we recommend browsers?

Our site uses modern web standards to give the best possible experience for our visitors. Although we aim to be compatible on all possible devices and browsers, not all are capable of running the full set of features.

Your web browser is Unknown - 0, which is not supported.
If you are using an unsupported operating system with an unsupported browser version, we would recommend trying out the Google Chrome browser if it is available on your platform.

Our mobile version of ProfitLink is optimised for use with Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Apple devices operating IOS 12 and upwards and Android Devices operating software Version 7 and upwards.
Not all features are currently available on ProfitLink Mobile. However, all features are available when logging into ProfitLink when using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

What browsers do we fully support?

For the full experience, you require one of the following browsers or later:
Microsoft Edge 40+ Installed as part of Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11+ Visit Microsoft Download Centre
Google Chrome 51+ Visit Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox 46+ Visit Firefox
Apple Safari 8+ Visit Apple

Need more information?

If you need more help on our supported browsers please contact your local Stapleton’s sales office on 0808 131 4321.